Save Money and Save Time

With Plug-n-Play Nitrogen Generation Systems

You could be saving every month producing your own nitrogen cutting and assist gas with our innovative patent-pending NitroCube systems.

  • Guaranteed low cost nitrogen
  • No gas rental or delivery charges
  • An end to spiralling gas costs
  • No need to waste time ordering gas and accommodating deliveries
  • No stopping machines whilst changing gas

Why MSS? We're market leaders in the supply of in-house nitrogen generation systems.

  • Made in the USA
  • Over 400 lasers running with MSS equipment
  • Our laser expertise GUARANTEES correct sizing, purity and flow rates
  • Rental or outright purchase – You Choose!
  • Unsurpassed aftersales support from MSS dedicated nitrogen engineers
  • The Design and Manufacture of our MSS NitroCube is ISO 9001:2015 certified by BSI under certificate number FM 723849


By ultilising our knowledge of laser cutting and innovative patent-pending technology, our NitroCube systems are tailored to the exact needs of individual clients, providing pure, high pressure gas, on demand.


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A very simple and economical solution

for producing nitrogen for laser cutting applications

  Low cost + environmentally friendly

NitroCube offers a real low cost and low carbon alternative to traditional nitrogen supplies delivered by truck.


Quick and easy installation, either indoors, outdoors or even on a mezzanine.  NitroCube can be installed working the same day, requiring only compressed air and a power supply.

  24 Hour operation

 24/7 continuous operation with no machine downtime, no gas waste or running out of gas unexpectedly.

  No oxide edge

Enable high power lasers to cut carbon steels faster and cheaper than oxygen, with NO oxidation. Increasing your competitive edge.

  Self financing

Use money which would otherwise have been spent on ready made nitrogen, effectively a consumable.

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NitroCube range

Available in 4 standard sizes with up to 840 m3/day of generated nitrogen, the NitroCube range is perfect for all-purpose CO2 laser cutting.

Flexible storage options mean you can customise the amount of storage to suit your requirements.  And you can personalise your NitroCube with optional special colours to match your laser cutting machine or company branding.


*Storage can be easily increased

NitroCube Fiber range

Specifically designed for Fiber Lasers the NitroCube Fiber range incorporates higher purity, higher flow rates to suit the larger nozzles used with Fiber Lasers, along with 50% less energy consumption.


*Storage can be easily increased

NitroCube Mini range

For use with laser beam purge, the NitroCube Mini ensures your laser beam path is readily purged with pure nitrogen gas, helping to keep mirrors clean and maximise the working life from your laser.

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